OF this company began
when the power
went out at a Colorado
highschool prom...
and the hero?


Chewk’s: We are the pinnacle of cookie perfection.

Our handcrafted cookies are the epitome of taste and quality. With a relentless pursuit of excellence and years of meticulous refinement, Chewk’s has earned its seat on the throne as the best cookie company ever. Indulge in our scrumptious treats and come experience the home we have created through cookies. Join us on this irresistible journey to cookie bliss. Chewk’s – where cookies are more than just a transaction, but where community and character infuse together to make life more sweet.

Scrumptious - Soft - Heavenly - Tasty

Exquisite - Grandma - Irresistible - Silly

Our Story.


One big idea

Chewk’s, a company founded by two friends, Hunter Breshears and Mike Blum, in Phoenix Arizona, started with a dream and heart for cookies and a passion for people. The idea was conceived one Saturday night in Denver, when Hunter was at prom and the power went out.  He saw a need. What do people do when all their plans go to shambles? Where can people go when they need a hero to save their night from being a flop? Cookies were the idea, cookies were the dream. So he ran, with one finish line in mind, cookies. He searched far and wide for the perfect cookie. Is it real? Can I really do it? After learning from the greats, and failing over and over again, alast, she was born, the flawless chocolate chunk cookie. From that one cookie, a star was born. A gentle, doughy, and tasty cookie: the Chewk.


Our first event

Hunter ran off to the land that is Lope country hoping to make life more enjoyable and sweet, through a simple cookie. It was at GCU, that Hunter met his missing half to make this dream become a reality. His name? Michael. And so they did, what any 20-year-old man would do when he leaves his beloved home for the first time; become bakers. They began meeting in secret to brainstorm the brand and company that the people not only wanted but needed. Chewk’s, Chewk’s, Chewk’s!! The ovens were hot and the cookies were ripe, debut day had finally arrived. The very first sale was at a GCU market, on November 30th, 2021. Like a snowball down a mountain, so became Chewk’s at GCU.


New cookies & the chewks army

From that point on, we have slowly increased our cookie team, by adding red velvet, snickerdoodle, and gluten-free chocolate chunk to the roster. Nothing extravagant. Simple cookies, simple people. We like to take flavors you know and love, and mold and shape them until they become the best dang cookie you ever had. Our kitchens quickly became “the office”, starting in our dorm rooms and now being stationed at a professional commissary kitchen space with other food vendors here in Phoenix. Spending days away baking, while single handily making it known that “men can bake too”, we are getting pretty good at our craft, slingin’ cookies like your grandma getting ready for this year’s family reunion.

04 -

National Expansion

What now? Well, here’s the new and the upcoming. We recently added on our first real hire, Paige, to take over baking so Hunter and Mike can get this business up on its own two feet. Chewks will be exploring its options in the wedding/event world here in Phoenix/Scottsdale for the 2023/2024 season, as well as remaining loyal to its first love, the students at GCU. As Hunter hunkers down in the dry desert out west, Michael will be moving taking cookies nationwide, to the great state of Arkansas. Chewk’s is franchising and starting a second location fall of 2023. Fayetteville, here we come!! So come along! Join in and follow along, because the story about two boys who make cookies has only begun.


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Have a big house party? Or maybe you want to thank your hard-working teams and dont know how? Let me help… Cookies.

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